Assistance and Consulting

Why QuickBooks™?

QuickBooks is an excellent accounting software for small to medium sized businesses.

The software saves significant time and paperwork with many of its automated tasks. It is affordable, with an annual cost of a few hundred dollars.

QuickBooks will let you expand your business without any accounting constraints as it can be customized.

Why Use Rosenfeld and Company for QuickBooks™ Support?

We are trained and knowledgeable experts on the customization of QuickBooks.

Rather than struggling on your own, receive quality support, from a cpa that understands both your business and QuickBooks.

QuickBooks™ Tuneup

Ideally we should be involved with the initial setup to insure it is correct. A few months later we should double check to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Periodic reviews of your bookkeeping system and the implementation at QuickBooks is highly recommended.

Over time businesses grow and change. Let us examination of your systems, and possibly adjust QuickBooks to fit your needs.

In addition, our services include annual transactions review. We should insure there are no stray entries, and the general ledger is balanced with the end of the year adjusting transactions.

Certified QuickBooks Advisor services from Rosenfeld & Company