Let Us Remove Weekly Stress - Handle Your Payroll

No one likes the weekly, monthly, quarterly, and year end stress from Payroll.

We realized that payroll involves much more effort beyond writing/printing employee paychecks.

Many businesses cannot devote either the time or the employee hours to perform the multiple detailed payroll tasks required by your employees, your business, and the tax authorities.

Rosenfeld and Company can make your staff's workload much easier:

  • Let us take on payroll functions.
  • Our payroll service removes the pressure from this aspect of your company’s day-to-day operations.

We receive payroll information via telephone, email, fax, and drop-off at our office. The numbers are processed, paychecks are prepared or direct deposits into employee accounts are processed, and reports are generated.

Payroll tax withholdings are computed. Those payments are created either by printed checks or electronic deposit.

At quarterly and year-end deadlines, Rosenfeld & Company PC will generate all required tax documents to remove any additional pressure to your business in this area.